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Looking for Energy in your Workout?
Caffeine Supplement

Caffeine is the pillar of all energy supplements and is responsible for the rush you get from coffee and tea. In terms of dosing: 0-100 mg is considered low, 100-225 mg is considered moderate, and 225+ is heavy.

Nearly every pre workout that isn’t stimulant free will contain caffeine to a varying degree, and its dosage can gauge the overall ‘energy strength’ of the product.

Looking for Endurance in your Workout?

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
Branch chain amino acids are known for their anabolic effects. However when paired with L-citrulline malate pre workout, BCAAs can reduce mental fatigue and improve endurance. BCAAs can improve endurance and mental power at dosages as low as 3 grams, but for recovery and muscle growth 7+ grams are required.

At 3.2 grams and up, beta-alanine increases endurance and performance by delaying muscle acid build-up. Smaller dosages will only give you ‘tingles’. For maximum effect, you’ll want to take beta-alanine consistently every day.

L-Citrulline Malate
Found to increase pumps, endurance, performance, and strength, L-citrulline malate is superior to straight L-citrulline pre workouts. The clinical dosage for L-citrulline malate starts at 6 grams, make sure you are getting it.

Looking for Strength in your workout? Here’s what to look for.

Creatine is in fact number one strength enhancer of the sports industry. When in your pre workout, you can anticipate it as creatine monohydrate or the faster acting creatine HCL. Researchers found that individuals who use creatine show an 8% increase in strength compared to those who don’t.

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